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Space Shooter is a top down Shoot’em up game where you control a space ship and you can move or shoot to dodge incoming rocks and enemy ships. You can  shoot rocks or enemy ships to score points. You can move anywhere on the screen to dodge or shoot where the obstacles/enemies drop from the top of the screen and go to the bottom of the screen. If a rock or enemy hits you it is game over. You can restart the game. There are Web GL version and android version of the game. 


Let me be clear that this is a tutorial for Unity game development which can be found at Unity here( I followed the tutorial and created this game using the artwork provided by Unity. I don’t know own the game idea or the artwork it is owned by Unity. The main aim for me to make this blog post is to show that i have learned Unity and i can do game development. This blog post is only there to showcase my skills. I am right now learning Unity and in the future i will share blog posts for my own games which i develop. 

You can view screenshots, gameplay video and demos for the games below for both Web GL version playable through browser and android version playable on Android. I have tested Android version on Android 6.0 only as i owned only android 6.0 device. As it is a learning game i have not tested it on iOS or other Android devices. I have developed this game using Unity 2017.1.0f3 (64-bit). 

You can gameplay videos for Web GL & Android at & respectively.

You can also play the games for Web without enemy ships here and the extended version of the game with moving background and enemy ships here You can play the game by using arrow keys for movement and left mouse button for shooting. It is better that you maximize the game using the maximize button at the end of the page on the right so that the score displays properly otherwise you might not be able to the score. You can restart the game after the wave ends by pressing ‘R’ key.

If you are interested in the mobile version you can find the apk here In order to play the mobile version install the apk in Android 6.0 or higher version(I have not tested previous versions). In order to move the ship tap and drag using the bottom left section of the app and to fire tap anywhere in the bottom right section of the game. 

If you are interested in the source code of the game then you can either use the source code from the project Unity provides or you can view the source code of the version i created on github and mobile version here You can view the releases section for the runnable builds in the github repository for this game. 

For any questions contact me at or just drop a comment in this post. 

What I Learned

  • Setting up a new project in Unity.
  • Importing assets from Asset Store.
  • Setting up main Game Objects i.e. panning, zooming, and selecting items.
  • How to organize assets in folders under Assets and how to organize game objects in Hierarchy. 
  • Setting camera and lighting in scene for top down game. Plus, properly setting up background for the game
  • Using Input and physics to move the player, enemies and rocks. 
  • Creating logic for shooting bullets and handling collision with obstacles.
  • Adding boundary, logic for moving hazards, and explosions for collisions.
  • Controlling the game with a controller and spawning waves.
  • Adding audio.
  • Scoring logic and display for score. End game logic.
  • Adding starfield in background using particles to give effect of moving stars in space.
  • Scrolling background to simulate space.
  • Creating mobile version of the game using accelerator and touch/drag.
  • Building the app for Web GL for displaying in pages and building the game for Android/iOS. Also, testing the mobile game using Unity Remote. 



Extended version of Space Shooter


Android version of Space Shooter


Game Demos

Extended Demo with background scrolling and shooting enemy ships.

Normal Demo without shooting enemy ships 

Android version can be found here

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