@furiouslymodded @JayzTwoCents My bad. Yes @furiouslymodded you are right. I did rewatch the video and it does say that the winner will get a 1000w power supply but it is not included in the gleam page.

@furiouslymodded @JayzTwoCents Jay mentioned in his podcast that the winner will have to buy power supply, storage, and case. I beleive power supply is not included in the giveaway.

Feeling down and depressed 😔

I entered to win this amazing PC Upgrade bundle from @JayzTwoCents!

2/2 It looks like it will take at least a few years before the prices improve. I don't know how I will be able to save so much money in order to afford a PC. I wanted to start a Gaming channel with playthroughs and reviews of the latest games but that looks like a distant dream.

I know scalpers are not the only ones to blame for the shortage and another reason is a shortage of silicon and high demand for GPU but it sucks that in the USA at least there is an option to buy prebuilt which is reasonable but in Pakistan, even that is not an option. This sucks

These Pakistani sellers have a huge profit margin. Wanted to start with Youtube Gaming Channel and eventually try to get into streaming but not happening anymore as my current PC can't even play newer games let alone stream them as well.

@IntelTech @LinusTech @CoolerMaster My country is never included in any giveaways. There are very few international giveaways I have been able to participate in. Feeling sad. I am going to go cry in the corner.

@Webroot Webroot is a very great company with great products and cloud options.

@pulsewayapp Pulseway is like Skynet killing all humans with its montiroing.

@ImranKhanPTI I learned new skills related to my job from YouTube. I learned to freelance through YouTube. I learn important news through YouTube everyday. There is a lot of good in YouTube. Don't ban YouTube. It is a vital source of income for many people.

Will Government ban YouTube in Pakistan? via @YouTube
Share with everyone. Don't ban Youtube as many people are using it for education and making money through the halal source. #Youtube #Dontbanyoutube #Education #Pakistan

It is sad to see so many Google training programs free for students only. I would love to take some of their internships or training programs but unfortunately I am not a student. Yes I know there are free google online self pace courses but it is not the same. #google #education

@HBLPak Can I get an HBL gold credit card without opening an HBL bank account or is the HBL bank account mandatory for HBL Credit card?

@365datascience Hi. I am enrolled in the free April offer for data science. I wanted to ask will I lose access to videos for completed courses in data science if I don't pay after April 15?

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