Looking for freelance remote work in fields of Data Science and Web Development. If you have any projects in these fields then feel free to contact me here on Twitter or contact me on my email jawad #Work #Freelancing #DataScience #Webdevelopment #Projects

5/5 I can work on both NoSQL and relational databases.

You can contact me here on Twitter or email me at jawad

#phpdeveloper #freelancing #freelancer #datascience #machinelearning #ml #remote #ai #fullstackdeveloper #webdevelopment #reactjs #angular #vue

4/5 Including front-end, back-end, server code, and all the admin work involved in building a website. I have worked on multiple projects in PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, and many more. I am well versed in front-end technologies like Vue, Angular, ReactJS, jQuery/Javascript.

3/5 My masters involved many data science subjects and I have been learning and applying the required skills for Data Science. In addition to this, I have 15+ years of experience in web development and I am a full-stack developer and can create a website from start to finish

2/5 I am very well versed in Data Science and can do data visualizations, design machine learning algorithms, or apply AI techniques to come up with a unique solution to your project problem. I can do almost any task in Data Science as I am motivated and can learn very quickly.

1/5 I am looking for work for a freelance project to work on. I would like to do remote work. I am looking for clients which can provide me with projects in fields I am interested in but would love to build long-term relationships for future projects.

@telenorpakistan It is useless for me to keep talking to you. You guys have already given your decision. I disagree strongly with your decision and I am 200% sure that I was scammed by the telenor agent but it is useless for me to keep discussing this as nothing is coming out of this.

@telenorpakistan I was not told the charges. I asked what are the charges for the service and I was told in the call that there are no charges. I asked multiple times and got the same response. I was never told about the Rs. 9 daily charges. I have already DM'd you without any results

Poor service by @telenorpakistan. Their agent lied by not telling the cost of service by saying there are no charges but it was not free. I lost Rs 140 due to lying Telenor agent. I would recommend everyone to stay away from Telenor and not use any of their services. #Telenorscam

@telenorpakistan I am getting this response since 1 week and there has been no update. Then weekend will arrive and my complaint will be ignored for another week. When will I get any response.

Beware of @telenorpakistan. They tricked me by activating a service which they said was free even after asking multiple times but later found out there was Rs. 9 charge daily and by the time I found this out I lost Rs. 140 and they are not willing to return my money. SCAMMERS.

@telenorpakistan You guys cheated me out of money.I got a call from Telenor but they keep saying that we told you there is no additional charges but when I asked what are the charges that day I was never told about the daily subscription charges of Rs. 9 daily.I lost Rs. 140 because of Telenor.

4/4 Someone on Twitter from telenor asked me for the call timings and said that issue has been raised through email but no result. I have lost my money due to scamming by telenor agent. I want my money back. Disappointed with Telenor. #telenor #telenorscam #givemymoneyback

3/4 No one at telenor is claiming their mistake. Telenor says that call is recorded than go back to the recordings and investigate that it was your agent who lied that service was free.

2/4 I was not told by the agent that there is a daily Rs. 9 subscription charge. I contacted through phone, their app and Twitter and it was a hassle to deactivate the service and they kept saying that the service was not free. If the service was free why your agent lied.

1/4 So sad to see what @telenorpakistan has done to me. I got a call about a MicroEnsure service from telenor agent and I asked for the cost over and over again and the agent lied to me service is free and enabled the service. After 3 weeks I checked my balance and lost Rs. 140.

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