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Space Shooter Extended & Mobile


Space Shooter is a top down Shoot’em up game where you control a space ship and you can move or shoot to dodge incoming rocks and enemy ships. You can  shoot rocks or enemy ships to score points. You can move anywhere on the screen to dodge or shoot where the obstacles/enemies drop from the top of the screen and go to the bottom of the screen. If a rock or enemy hits you it is game over. You can restart the game. There are Web GL version and android version of the game. 

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Roll A Ball

This demo is for the unity tutorial i followed named roll a ball(Full tutorial here). The tutorial was built using latest Unity version 2017.1.0f3. This tutorial teaches the basics of unity development from setting up the game layout, adding game objects, programming in C# scripting, controlling game object through keyboard buttons, detecting collisions and collecting game objects with other game objects. The demo is the result of following the tutorial and is my version of the demo. You can view a video demo below as well.

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