Structure for DalMooc

Basically DalMooc is MOOC(massive open online course) with a twist it asks people to use social media to discuss the course. There are different modes of the courses given below:

  1. Option 1: You could only stay on edX, watch videos for lectures, discuss on edX forums and do competencies on edX only and finish the course. This way you can still do all activities on edX and stay there.
  2. Option 2: You could choose to only watch relevant videos of interest to you but that would mean that you would not complete the course but that is okay if you want to learn selective content only.
  3. Option 3: You can add in first option that in addition to doing edX course you discuss what you learn on social networks like facebook, and twitter etc.
  4. Option 4: This is the most involved way to take this course is that in addition to doing option 1 and 3 you join a website created by dalmooc named prosolo in which you can competency you are interested in, enroll in it, discuss it within the prosolo website with other members of the course, learn content related to your assignment on prosolo, finish activities and then submit your proof that you completed the assignment by posting a blog link or document or social website link. Finally you would make your submission for assignment visible to all and find people who can grade you on the assignment and also grade others. You can discuss with others within prosolo. This is a new way of doing a mooc and an experiment. Also you can discuss each week in a chatting session known as Bazaar to discuss with another member of the course what you learned that week.

I wanted initially to follow option 4 but got busy in other courses so i would try to complete option 1 first maybe do some social activities around what i learn and if i get time i would like to complete option 4.

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