Intro To Swift Udacity Week 2

I have experience in programming with objective-c and worked on iOS 4 till iOS 7 on objective-c and i was excited to see when swift a new language from apple was introduced. I have been trying to learn swift programming and i started out by doing the tutorial here on which introduced swift and also linked a lot of resources including the apple swift book and the wwdc relevant videos. I completed a lot of the tutorial but felt that i needed to get my hand dirty with making an app in swift.

That’s when i came across this course in Udacity Intro to iOS Development with swift . This is an interesting course where you follow along and make an app for recording audio and more. This is a good course for anyone willing to understand swift or even if you have little programming experience. For me as i have already used xcode and objective-c it was not a difficult jump to swift but there are some differences you should try to understand like optionals and extensions in swift which needs some attention.

I am currently in the process of making an app in swift and have learned how to use some shortcuts for auto-layout and adding constrains(which is not new to xcode), also the course has introduced MVC(Model View Controller) which i am already aware of and have build MVC to build iOS apps and websites like in rails or other languages/frameworks. It would be interesting how much this course teaches. Also, after doing this course i will finish the thinkster course and will look for more free resources on swift programming and also will revise the Stanford ios 7 videos(they don’t introduce swift but i can revise my concepts) available on iTunes. Have a look at for link to iTunes video and more resources. Also, i will be looking for more resources in iOS and dive in but first after doing the iTunes course i will be working on creating a cart app using stripe payment solution.

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