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Integrated Gephi-Tableau Analysis of CCK11 Dataset Part 1

The dataset used in this analysis is CCK11 dataset for social network analysis (I don’t own the rights to the dataset please ask permission from @gsiemens or dgasevic before using the dataset as i have permission to use this dataset for a course for analysis in course setting only). Don’t use the dataset without the dataset owners permission. I am doing this as part of the data analytics and learning course for only educational purposes. Continue reading

My Own Facebook & Twitter Network Analysis

I wanted to use Gephi to analyze my twitter and facebook data. I wanted to analyze my connections or any data i can get from my own data. One approach to use my own data which i thought about was that both Facebook and twitter allow your data to be downloaded and twitter nicely gives a csv format with all the tweets. Continue reading

What is Social network analysis?

Social network means to take a scenario you want to study, view what kind of interactions are happening in the system and see how to measure the interaction to answer the question we are interested in.

Social networking is not limited to just facebook friends and people and how they communicate with each other rather than it could be applied on any scenario where there are interactions. Continue reading