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Game Summary

This game demo is part of the Unity Tutorial Series to teach Unity game development. You can find the original tutorial on Unity website here. The game name is scavengers and it is a 2D turn-based game created using Unity. The game starts of with a main bearded character with 100 amount of food and he must reach the exit at the level to go to next day. Each move he makes on the map decreases his food amount. He has to face two type of enemies and walls blocking his way to the exit. There are soda and fruit food items scattered across the map to increase food for the character. The character can destroy walls after few hits but must avoid enemies at all cost. One of the enemy does small amount of damage to food of the character and the other enemy does higher damage to food items. Enemies move, skipping 1 turn, to try to attack the player and the player must evade the enemies trying to collect food items and reach the exit to reach the next day. Game ends when the food items reachers 0. The game works in mobile as well as web. In mobile version you can control the player by swiping in the direction you want the character to move. The levels are produced randomly with certain number of random food items and wall items and enemies increase logarithmically as level increase.

You can play the demo for the game here. Find information below if you don’t see the game or look at the note at the bottom of the page in the link given above. You will game controls on the demo page as well.

On the bottom of this page you will find screens and video for the demo.

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