Unity Web Player | 2DRoguelike

Game Instructions: Move with arrow keys to move to a square or use a,s,d,f keys to move the character. You get initial food at start of level. You must reach the end of the level to advance to the next day. You can collect soda or fruit items for 10 food points. Every move you make consumes 1 food point. You can destroy walls in few turns to make way to other part of the map. You should try to avoid 2 type enemies as they do damage of 10 and 20 food respectively.

Game demo will only work in Safari/Firefox as it uses unity web player. It used to support chrome but chrome has disabled npapi extensions so unity web player does not work in chrome anymore. You will need to download unity web player https://unity3d.com/webplayer in order to see the unity demo below. Make sure that you allow the unity plugin in your browser.